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Online Payroll

QuickBalanze Payroll Application developed by QB LANKA (PVT) LTD. The said application can be provided as a desktop version or as a cloud version on the request of the client. Our goal is to provide efficient and accurate Payroll and Time Attendance Solutions for Small and Medium Scale Enterprise. With More than a years of experience behind us we seek to offer our customers the very best is service, quality and value for money.

QuickBalanze Payroll is a fully automated payroll management system designed to make the tedious task of calculating payroll as simple as clicking a button. Built with the user in mind, the software is easy convenient and easy to use and can be adopted for use with any industry within hours. QuickBalanze Payroll is fully compliant with Sri Lankan Labor laws and statutory regulations.


Online Leave Management System

With QuickBalanze ® Online Leave Management System you get the flexibility to create and manage leave policies, t rack employee leaves, decide application workflows, and more. An ideal Leave Management System should offer complete, end - to - end solution when it comes to employee leave management and policies. It should allow you to, not just monitor and track leaves as an employer, but also seamlessly set leave polic ies in place. You will also find an integration of this with the Public/National or Company specific dates declared as holidays by your organization . Other aspect is transparency in allowing the employees to check for their leave history, balance l eaves et c. Your employees can check their past leave applications and also access any specific conversations they had with regards to the same. As a manager, you need not be bothered by queries with regards to leave balances etc. from employees... nor worry about disputes :) As an employer or manager, you should be able to set the leave policies, make changes to the pro - rata balance rules, check and set guidelines for accrued leaves, etc.. . Leaves module is used to define all the elements required to manage leave application process of your company,


Time Attendance & HRM

Employees are the main assets of an organization. QuickBalanze HRM (Human Resource Management) software facilitates all the HR, Personnel & Payroll related activities of an organization. Using QuickBalanze HRM software, organizations can easily automate the Payroll Processing, Leave Management, Arrears Management, etc. A comprehensive employee database is maintained along with the details of salary, attendance and leaves. Using our HRM Software, you can also manage your HR Processes including recruitment, appraisals, training, promotion and final settlement, etc.


QuickBalanze Online Payroll Features

  • Daily and monthly salary calculation

  • Setup master file

  • Setup fixed allowances and fixed deductions

  • Setup variable allowances and variable deductions

  • Staff Loan Maintenance and Repayments

  • Add Employee Bank details

  • Apply salary advance Add over time

  • Apply saving or other bank deduction form

  • Backing up and restoring facilities

  • Categorized by – Department, Class, Designation, Employee Type, Job Type

  • Auto calculation of Over Time, EPF, ETF, PAYE or custom defined

  • Gratuity Calculation

  • Lump Sum Payments

  • C forms, R4 Forms, six month returns, T9 PAYE Annual and T10

  • Preparation of bank transfer file (SLIPS) for auto bank transfer process


QuickBalanze Online HRM Features

  • General Information

  • Personal Information

  • Address/ Contact details

  • Employee Qualification

  • Family Members/ Emergency contacts/ Nominee/ Gratuity Nominee

  • Work Experience

  • Passport/Visa details

  • Achievements

  • Vehicle/ Driving Licence details

  • Employee Trainings

  • Employee Appraisals/ Questions/ Question Groups/ Questionnaire Designer

  • Employees Documents/ Photos / Attachments

  • Employee Targets/ Commitments

  • Employee Skills

  • Complete Tracking of Employee Movement between Branches Departments/ Grades/ Designations

  • Various Reminder

  • Manpower planning and recruitment (pre- and post-interview action plan for scheduling, selection and evaluation)

  • Automation of recruitment procedure

  • Maintaining record of employee details including job related details, qualification, work experience etc.

  • Performance rating against various user defined performance factors at time of confirmation, appraisal and promotion

  • Employee history – promotions, transfers, salary increments

  • Complete separation procedure – settlement and exit interview, Full and final salary processing, gratuity and superannuation

  • Training details – training program and analysis

Time Attendance

Time Attendance

  • Employee Information integration with hardware

  • Employee Time In Out by department, job category and division

  • No Pay attendance allowance production incentive calculation (Monthly & daily)

  • Staff Attendance Record

  • Late attendance early departed short leave and special leave set up and control

  • Auto calculation of Over Time

  • Piece rate calculation

  • Shift changing and additional specific customization for additional cost.

  • Backing up/Restoring facility

  • Maintenance of different shifts,

  • Complicated working rules (Daily, monthly and annual)

  • Calculation of customized over time hours

  • Multiple companies, departments and job categories

  • User definable leave types (Annual, Casual, medical, short leave etc.)

  • Over time, Late Attendance and Early Departures

  • Leave detail and summary reports

  • Integrated to payroll module

Leave Management System

  • Leave periods

  • Leave types

  • Work week

  • Holidays

  • Leave rules

  • Employee leaves

  • Employee Leave Entitlement

  • User logging for allowed to apply leaves from anywhere for employees

  • Email / SMS Configuration to leave request and approval

  • Facility for apply medical leave (Upload Medical Certificates after 2 days)

  • Ability to view all the in one login to GM, CEO or MD

Time Attendance

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